The events

Recurring events

  • eGov Exchange

The eGov Exchange is an event format dedicated to communicating available and / or upcoming technological or conceptual solutions and services as well as information sharing towards civil servants.

  • GovTech Experiment

The GovTech Experiment events are hands-on labs designed for civil servants interested in learning about new technologies and participating in co-creative workshops to test ideas and collaborate on projects.

  • GovTech Afterwork

External stakeholders and experts are invited to present GovTech use cases to a mixed audience with participants from the private sector, research actors and civil servants. GovTech Afterworks are designed to build the GovTech community by fostering the exchange among different stakeholders from the private and public sector.

  • Techno(break)fast

The Techno(break)fast is an event specifically designed for civil servants working at the Government IT Centre (CTIE). This format is about knowledge sharing on technology stacks, upcoming regulations, ongoing or upcoming projects, framworks etc. 

Single events

In addition to the recurring events, the GovTech Lab organises and hosts "one-shot" events such as hackathons, ideathons, co-creative workshops with the aim of sharing, exchanging and developing ideas, visions or concepts, thematic days dedicated to the digitalisation of public services, change management or digital transformation and dedicated trainings for civil servants.

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