Techno(break)fast High Performance Computing - MeluXina

The 03.02.2023

On 3 February, the GovTech Lab organised its Techno(break)fast for CTIE employees interested in the subject of High Performance Computing (HPC).

LuxProvide, Luxembourg's supercomputing centre, has the mission to become a technological infrastructure contributing to the digital transformation of civil society. LuxProvide operates MeluXina, a world-class supercomputer that is part of the European EuroHPC network, and offers a range of digital solutions to foster innovation. MeluXina has been built to serve a wide variety of complex, data-driven computing workloads.

At the Techno(break)fast, Francesco Bongiovanni, Group Leader Compute & Data Services, Valentin Plugaru, Chief Technology Officer, and Matthieu Lefebvre, Head of Supercomputing & Data Solutions, presented MeluXina's capabilities, use cases and use models, as well as how LuxProvide's experts can help other projects benefit from the platform too. They explained that MeluXina's design is future-oriented, addressing the convergence of simulation, modelling, data analysis and AI, while enabling simulations driven by predictive analysis.