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GovTech Lab is live!

Who we are

The GovTech Lab is an innovation laboratory that uses open innovation to work with internal (ministries, administrations, public actors) and external actors in the development of innovative solutions (technological or conceptual).

GovTech Lab also organises events around GovTech and aims to create a real GovTech community in Luxembourg.

GovTech Lab is a joint initiative of the Ministry for Digitalisation and the Government IT Centre (CTIE).

What is GovTech?

GovTech is a fairly recent term that refers to the use or development of technological solutions designed to move forward the digital transformation of the public sector, with the objective of improving the quality of services to citizens and businesses.

The missions of the GovTech Lab

Accelerate innovation at State level through calls for solutions/challenges

GovTech Lab uses open innovation to work with internal (ministries, administrations, public actors) and external actors to develop innovative solutions (technological or conceptual).

One of GovTech Lab's core missions is to develop, through calls for challenges, a culture of innovation within administrations. By using calls for challenges, one or more public administrations can send us the challenges they are facing and which could be improved or solved using innovative solutions (digital, technological or conceptual).

After identifying a challenge submitted by one or more administrations, the Ministry for Digitalisation issues a call for solutions with the aim of collaborating with external actors such as start-ups, researchers, freelancers, companies and even students, etc. in order to develop innovative solutions.

Creating a GovTech community by organising specialised events

Luxembourg has a rich ecosystem of actors who develop and promote innovative solutions. In this context, the GovTech Lab completes the existing ecosystem by becoming the ideal platform for the exchange of digital needs, new technologies and innovative solutions within the State.

To this end, transversal or specialised events will be organised both within the State and with external actors: workshops, hackathons, "best practice" training, discovery and creative days, Govjams, with the aim of developing a GovTech community in Luxembourg.

Becoming the reference and meeting place for state agents interested in GovTech

The GovTech Lab is also an innovative space that aims to facilitate exchange and to stimulate creativity between administrations and/or the CTIE teams for the purpose of experimenting and testing ideas.

These synergies and collaborations reflect the open and innovative spirit of the GovTech Lab.

Bye bye robots!

The GovTech Lab launches its first challenge: Bye bye robots!

Are you familiar with systems for protecting information and communication systems against automatic access?

Do you have an idea for developing an innovative solution that can replace the existing solutions?

This is precisely the objective of the first call for solutions of the GovTech Lab called « Bye Bye Robots » that has been published as an innovation partnership on the public procurement portal from 27 November 2020 to 4 January 2021.

Among all the candidates, the jury selected 5 teams that have been invited to access the first phase of the innovation partnership, the prototype phase:

  • Ainos & Reborn
  • Divlint
  • Gravity partners
  • LIST
  • Vireo & Linc Technology Partner

Demo day - 18th of March 2021

Every team had 6 weeks to develop a functional prototype of its solution.

The Demo Day held on 18 March marked the end of this first phase of the innovation partnership. The teams had 15 minutes to present their functional prototype to the jury.

Team Vireo & Linc Technology Partner convinced the jury and has been invited to access the next phase of the innovation partnership, the proof of concept.

More information (French version) ...

An innovation partnership and a jury of experts

In order to promote innovation right from the launch of calls for solutions and to broaden the participation of external actors in the process, the Ministry for Digitalisation has studied the possibility of applying a procedure for public tenders that is less restrictive while respecting the rules defined by the public procurement authorities.

The chosen method is the innovation partnership, which allows the process to be divided into several stages: the prototyping phase, with a maximum of 5 solution providers and the POC (Proof of Concept) phase with a maximum of 1 solution provider. After the POC phase, the developed solution can be purchased and deployed by the CTIE if selected.

Depending on the complexity of the solution sought, the GovTech Lab's innovation partnership process will last an average of 8 to 14 months.

In order to select the best projects, a jury is made up of members of the Ministry, the CTIE and external members chosen according to the theme of the challenge. This jury evaluates the application files at 2 stages of the procedure: when selecting a maximum of 5 candidates for the prototyping phase and when choosing the candidate who will eventually move on to the POC phase.

Govtech Lab Challenge 01

Press release

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