The lab

Who we are

The GovTech Lab is a technological innovation accelerator for the Luxembourg State.

The GovTech Lab uses open innovation to work with internal and external actors on the development of the digitalisation of public services and integration of new technologies. It organises events around GovTech and aims to create a real GovTech community in Luxembourg.

The GovTech Lab is a joint initiative of the Ministry for Digitalisation and the Government IT Centre (CTIE).

What is GovTech?

GovTech is a fairly recent term that refers to the use or development of technological solutions designed to further the digital transformation of the public sector, with the objective of improving the quality of public services to citizens and businesses.

More specifically, GovTech represents and even supports the evolution towards a digital government characterised by user-friendliness, security, accessibility and efficiency of the services offered to citizens.

The GovTech Lab Team