Demo day "Simplify Legi"

Demo Day
The 15.12.2022

Following the Demo Day of the "Simplify Legi" call for solutions on 15 December 2022, the GovTech Lab selected one of the candidates to move on to the next phase of this innovation partnership: the pilot project phase.

The two candidates participating in the Demo Day were asked to develop a functional proof of concept of a solution for the identification of procedures in legislative texts, the theme(s) concerned by these texts, as well as the evaluation of the level of complexity of the procedures identified.

The jury, composed of representatives from the ministry of digitalisation, the CTIE, the ministry of state, the central legislation service and the private sector, judged that the innovative solution proposed by Delaware Consulting best met the expectations in terms of quality and functionality. In the coming months, the candidate will work with the CTIE teams to finalise its solution.

(from left to right) Patrick Kersten (Co-founder, Renée Thommes (ministry for Digitalisation), David Del Nin (ministry of State), Patrick Houtsch (CTIE), Pascal Gieres (CTIE), John Dann (Central Legislative Service), Vera Soares (ministry for Digitalisation)
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Delaware Consulting