Bye bye Robots!

Call for solution type:
Innovation Partnership
Dates Of public procurement:
from 27-11-2020 to 04-01-2021
Demo Day:
Solution finalised
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Press release

Learn more about the progress of the first challenge of the GovTech Lab (French version).

Identified challenge

The CTIE has implemented a solution in order to protect the information and communication systems from automatic access by computer robots. The solution currently used on state applications is a solution based on a question-answer type test.

The Ministry of Digitalisation wishes to find, via this call for solutions, an innovative and efficient solution allowing the CTIE to replace or even eliminate its current solution, while respecting the privacy of users and web accessibility.

A protection against abusive repetitive filling of online forms, even manually, is desirable. This solution shall also be ergonomically simple to use and not burdensome for the user.

General constraints :

  • Respect of the GDPR legislation
  • Compliance with the law on accessibility of government websites and applications
  • Hosting of the data of the solution in Europe
  • Cross media solution

The level of performance and the additional functionalities that will be designed by the candidates selected to participate in the innovation partnership will be assessed by the jury on the basis of a value-for-money approach, which must be taken into consideration by the participants.