Hive Academy

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from 13-11-2023 to 18-12-2023
In development
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27-11-2023 11:00
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Hive Academy

Ordering party

Government IT Centre (CTIE)


A training course which will serve as a certification to reinforce the skills of our external consultants on IBM's "Cloud Pak for Business Automation" platform.


Choose an economic operator that provides a range of training sessions for the 'Cloud Pak for Business Automation' suite (CP4BA) aimed at the resources within CTIE's team focusing on document and collaborative solutions, to enable them to get a sound technical knowledge of the modules that make up this IBM platform.

These courses may (or may not) be based on the learning paths offered by IBM Learning Partners.

The main criteria for selecting the best economic operator will be the innovative approach in training methods (such as eLearning and workshops), the comprehensiveness (coverage of all modules), and the specific version of CP4BA (at least V 21.0.3, based on containerized solutions) used for the training courses.

The training courses will take place over a period of 3 to 4 months and will be renewable from half-year to half-year for new internal or external employees joining the CTIE.

An optional information meeting will be held to answer questions 2 weeks after publication of the tender.

Challenge details


In the context of their digitalisation, the CTIE is offering state bodies a complete electronic document management (EDM) and case management solution called HIVE. This solution is a customisation of IBM's Cloud Pak for Business Automation platform.

Today, a large number of public authorities are in the process of implementing this solution, or wish to do so, and the CTIE is supporting them in their transition to an all-digital process. In order to carry out these projects, framework contracts have been signed with a view to completing them as quickly as possible, with the support of economic operators with expertise in EDM in general and in IBM's CP4BA solution in particular. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of people with these skills, and both the CTIE and the partners with whom they work are struggling to find the resources to meet the increasing demands from government departments.

With this in mind, the CTIE wishes to set up a "Hive Academy", the aim of which will be to be able to integrate external collaborators into the Hive team, for whom the CTIE will offer a six-month "training" period before they can become fully operational on the projects. This training will consist of three parts:

  • Theoretical training on the Cloud Pak for Business Automation platform and its various components
  • Practical training by joining existing project teams to benefit from their expertise and assimilate elements specific to the Hive solution (standards, best practices, etc.).
  • Pass a "Hive Academy" certification (assessment), which will enable collaborators to obtain official IBM certification after the course.

The aim of this SpeedUP is therefore to select a training organisation that will be identified as being best placed to provide the 'theoretical training' part by offering an innovative (as the 'Hive Academy' itself aims to be), comprehensive (covering all CP4BA modules, such as BAW, Filenet, Datacap, etc.) and competitive approach.

The plan is to integrate between 5 and 10 consultants into the Hive Academy, with a new intake approximately every six months from the beginning of 2024.

At the end of the 6-month Training path, the consultants will undergo an assessment which, if positive, will enable them to join the Hive project teams. Part of this assessment will be linked to the evaluations to be carried out at the end of the theoretical courses.