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Innovation Partnership
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from 02-05-2024 to 10-06-2024
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Identified challenge


In the context of writing texts in FALC and "Leichte Sprache" for the website, it is proving difficult to produce texts in high volumes. Currently, the editorial team selects the most relevant and urgent texts and transcribes them into FALC and Leichte Sprache. These proposals are then sent to Klaro, a department of the APEMH Foundation, Luxembourg's official centre for easy language and accessible communication, which submits the texts for revision to collaborators affected by intellectual disabilities. The latter submit proposals for modifications to ensure that the texts correctly comply with the FALC and "Leichte Sprache" rules. The Inclusion Europe logo certifies this verification.

This process is long and time-consuming for public sector bodies, which limits the deployment of texts in FALC and "Leichte Sprache" on a large scale on government websites. The creation of an efficient tool for transcribing texts in simple language, as close as possible to the rules of FALC and "Leichte Sprache", seems essential to speed up the publication of these texts. These texts meet the needs of people with reading difficulties, such as people with learning disabilities, the elderly or those whose mother tongue is not the language in which the text is written.

The challenge identified is to design a tool based on artificial intelligence that can assist various text writers to generate the equivalent in simple language as efficiently as possible.